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Class 6

Welcome to the Fantabulous Fives !

This year your child will be supported, nurtured, educated and entertained by the Miss Hall, Mrs Preston, Mrs Bonsall and Mrs Gilbert.  Mrs Mills will also be delivering Maths interventions.  We will be exploring a range of exciting topics this academic year including: Darwin's Delights, Pharaohs, Stargazers, Off with her Head, Allotment and Scream Machine.  This term our 30 super stars will be focusing on the outdoors with our topic Allotment.

Our Classroom...

Things to Remember:

  • Reading books and PE kits must be in school every day.
  • Monday new homework handed out.
  • Monday spelling test.
  • Monday Maths homework checked.
  • Friday topic homework celebration.
  • Label all personal belongings

ATTENDANCE is the key to your child’s success and happiness at school. Please support us in our bid for high attendance and punctuality.

Expectations in Year 5

Y5 will have weekly year group spellings to learn at home, these will be explored together throughout the week in our class time and tested on a Monday. 

Please ensure your child is practising their times tables at home to develop their fluency.  They will also receive a weekly Maths skills check to be completed by Monday.

Ideas for topic homework will be shared at the start of each new term and celebrated each Friday in class.

Please support your child to develop their comprehension skills by READING with them at least 3 times per week.

Physical Education

PE is a statutory requirement. All children are expected to have the correct school PE kit each week; Navy shorts, white t-shirt and trainers. Children will be expected to participate in outdoor PE lessons during all seasons, so they will need to bring appropriate clothing to keep warm; black or blue tracksuits are acceptable. All jewellery must be removed before PE lessons, if children wear earrings, they must be able to remove them for PE. Children with long hair must tie it back.  PE kits MUST be in school everyday as our curriculum takes a flexible approach and interlinks with physical activity.

Healthy Living Week

Transition to Parkside

Autumn 1 Darwin's Delights

We enjoyed researching about Charles Darwin and exploring the Galapagos Islands.  It was great to set sail and trace the origin of the species and see how animals adapt to their environment.  We had a fantastic day at the Zoo and saw some wonderful animals linked to our topic!

Autumn 2 Pharaohs

Wow what an adventure it was to travel back 500 years to the dusty realms of ancient Egypt!  We enjoyed making nemes so we really looked the part and found out abut powerful pharaohs and gods.  We explored Egypt's fascinating culture, unravelled the secrets of ancient tombs and researched all about the afterlife.

Spring 1 Stargazers

Our journey through space was incredible, the final frontier! We navigated beyond the sun: the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our solar system! We investigated the eight planets, the Moon and the Earths orbit.  The highlight was having our very own planetarium in school! 

Spring 2 Off with Her Head!

What sort of man would order the beheading of his wife? Was she really that bad? We travelled back in time to the 1500s and met the terrifying Tudors, a domineering dynasty that changed our history.   We have developed painting skills through portraits, sketched out Tudor fashions and solved riddles.  We flexed our detective muscles and became a criminal investigator!  We used all this information and created Tudor timelines, we also explored battles and Tudor settlements.  

It was gruesome going back to Tudor times!

Summer 1 Allotment

Let’s grow! A crispy carrot, a luscious lettuce or a tasty tomato.  Yes we dug deep and put our back into it, to nurture our greens.  We learnt all about farms and where food comes from.  We have explored maps, climates and life cycles.  We will continue to look after our flowers and crops this term, please look at the home learning ideas for activities to complete over summer 2 and the holidays.  Let's grow!

Summer 2 1966

Three lions on a shirt…we still believe! This term we will use the world cup as an opening to explore countries around the world.  We start in France, Paris which is where our class book ‘Rooftoppers’ is set.  On our journey will name and locate countries and cities including their features.  What will we discover… ?  

Year 5 Newsletter

Year 5 Home Learning Ideas

Our main focus for homework this term is READING. Please ensure your child reads at least three times per week at home.  This will be supported in school by daily inference reading activities and 1:1 reading with the class teacher and parent volunteers each week. 

Year 5 Summer Timetable

Year 5 & 6 Spelling List

Pen Licence

Children who are fluently joining their writing and are forming their letters accurately with receive a pen licence. Any writing your child does at home, please encourage them to write joined up.